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RES, in partnership with Dunecht Estates, proposes to install a wind farm on the summit plateau of the Hill of Fare.
More information prepared by RES can be viewed online at , and separately
by a local community group here
The proposal consists of 16 turbines on the summit plateau, each 180-200m (600-650’) tall to the blade tip. At this
height they will be lit at night for aviation avoidance. The total capacity will be greater than 50MW so the application
will be determined by the Energy Consents Unit in Edinburgh on behalf of Scottish Ministers, and not by
Aberdeenshire Council.
The purpose of this questionnaire is to enable the local Community Councils to accurately represent the views of the
community. Community Councils are statutory consultees on planning application so your input will help to impact
the decision-making process. We therefore greatly appreciate you expressing your views, be they supportive or

Please complete the questionnaire  below to send your views to the Comunity Council, or If you prefer to respond in writing, you can download a blank questionnaire  here

Do you use the Hill of Fare for recreation – dog walking, cycling, etc.
How do you feel about the proposed wind farm?
Have you attended a presentation/ reviewed available documents?
Do you have a direct view of the Hill of Fare from your property?
Is your support dependent on financial benefits to surrounding communities?
Have you had experience with other wind turbine developments?
If you have completed the Community Council questionnaire before, has your view of the proposed development changed?
Click "SEND" to share  your comments with the Community Council

Thanks for sharing your views with us!

By submitting this questionnaire you give your permission for the Community Council to store your personal data for the purpose of assessing
and responding to this wind farm application on behalf of the community

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